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Dissemination of CSC Phase 2 results

Some events involving Cloud Standards Coordination Phase 2 participation.

ICT 2015

The work of CSC Phase 2 has been presented on October 22nd that the ICT 2015 conference organized by the European Commission in Lisbon .

CSC Phase 2 has organized a “Networking event” which was constructed to allow for as much audience interaction as possible.

NIST Cloud Computing Workshop #8

The work of CSC Phase 2 has been presented at the 8th NIST Cloud Computing Workshop in Gaithersburg on July 9th.

All the presentations of the Workshop can be found here and the CSC presentation here.

Multi Stakeholder Platform Meeting #12

The work of CSC Phase 2 has been presented at the European Commission Multi Stakeholder Platform Meeting #12 in Brussels on June 11th.

The European Multi Stakeholder Platform (MSP) on ICT standardisation was set up at the end of 2011. Based on a European Commission Decision to advise on matters related to the implementation of ICT standardisation policies.

The CSC Phase 2 presentation has been revolving essentially around its work program. We have highlighted the coming calls for public comments on CSC Phase 2 deliverables (first ones available as draft for comments at mi-June) and asked for a support of the community on this.

Open Group Forum

The work of CSC Phase 2 has been presented at the Open Group Forum Meeting in Lisbon on May 21st.

Sharing !

The work of CSC Phase 2 is open, visible and to be debated with the Cloud Computing community.

We have been contributing our results in a variety of contexts such as contributions to European Commission events, presentations to standards setting organizations, industry and customers organizations, papers and contributions to Conferences, etc.