Cloud Standards Coordination

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Cloud Standards Coordination Phase 2 is now finished

We have done work …
in February 2015, CSC Phase 2 has been launched to address issues left open after CSC Phase 1, with the objective to provide a detailed report before the end of 2015.

CSC Phase 2 has investigated some specific aspects of the Cloud Computing Standardization landscape, in particular from the point of view of Users (e.g. SMEs, Administrations). It has also generated a new “snapshot” - or “Maturity Assessment” - of the state of standards.

… and we have shared it
CSC Phase 2 is committed to make its work and results as visible and debated as possible.

You will find some events with us

Which work has CSC Phase 2 performed

The Work Program

The work of CSC Phase 2 has addressed some of the issues that have been left unresolved or untouched by CSC Phase 1. It has also performed another evaluation of the current state of Cloud Computing standards maturity (“standards snapshot”).

CSC Phase 2 work is centered around 4 main work items:
  1. Understanding Cloud Computing Users Needs
  2. Analyzing the relationship between standards and Open Source Software in Cloud Computing
  3. Analyzing how standards and certification can be best utilized to provide high security in Cloud Computing
  4. Assessing the maturity of Cloud Computing Standards
In addition, related liaison and dissemination (conferences, workshops, papers) activities will be performed.

The time line

The work has been undertaken in two phases:
  • From February to end-June, a first version of the final report has been elaborated by the experts
  • From End-June to Mid-September, the first version been open for debate and an open meeting has taken place to collect the feedback for the Could Computing community.

How CSC Phase 2 work has been done

The Specialist Task Force (STF)

The work of CSC Phase 2 has been performed in a different manner compared to CSC Phase 1. In the first phase of CSC, participation of experts from the Cloud Computing Community was done on a voluntary basis, while ETSI was providing the resources for the coordination of the project, the web support, etc.

In CSC Phase 2, the work has been done by a group of (6) experts that have been recruited by ETSI following a fully transparent process. These experts have worked for a limited period of time in a Specialist Task Force (STF) that is governed by the Rules of ETSI from its inception to its end.

In ETSI, the STF is attached to a Technical Committee (namely “Network Technology”, NTECH TC) and its work is undertaken in the form of 4 ETSI Work Items with all the effectiveness and transparency of ETSI Rules of Procedure.

Working with the Cloud Computing community

The experts working for CSC Phase 2 have performed their work in a two phased approach. First, they have gathered and structured information, they have produced, when necessary, a model of the object of their analysis (e.g. for the relationship of standards and Open Source) and have delivered the results in the form of draft reports. In a second phase, these reports have been discussed with the Cloud Computing community in an open and transparent manner before the final version of the reports is delivered.

During the course of the work, a certain number of public events (meetings, workshops) will be held in order to share the intermediate results of the work, and to get the feedback of the Cloud Computing community in an open manner.